Nevada County's  Plan to Address Homelessness


In 2017 the Nevada county Board of Supervisors made addressing homelessness a top priority. Over the past two years, County staff, nonprofits, and community stakeholders have made significant strides in addressing the complex issue of homelessness. Since the Board prioritized homelessness, there have been several documents and presentations that have articulated recommended or potential strategies to address homelessness. The specific objectives and initiatives presented in this current plan, Nevada County’s Plan to Address Homeless, are the result of a broad-based review of multiple source documents, and over two years of collaborative work to address homelessness in Nevada County. This will be a living document as we identify new opportunities, collaborate with additional partners, measure success and adjust strategy.

Nevada County’s Plan to Address Homelessness

The Plan

The plan is divided into five overarching objectives. Within each objective, specific initiatives, or activities, have been identified to make progress towards the objectives. The work within these objectives will be implemented over three phases spanning from January 2018 to June 2022.

Phase 1 Objectives