Homeless Plan


In 2017 the Nevada county Board of Supervisors made addressing homelessness a top priority. Over the past two years, County staff, nonprofits, and community stakeholders have made significant strides in addressing the complex issue of homelessness. Since the Board prioritized homelessness, there have been several documents and presentations that have articulated recommended or potential strategies to address homelessness. The specific objectives and initiatives presented in the current plan, Nevada County’s Plan to Address Homeless, are the result of a broad-based review of multiple source documents, and over two years of collaborative work to address homelessness in Nevada County. This will be a living document as we identify new opportunities, collaborate with additional partners, measure success and adjust strategy.

In collaboration with the Nevada County Continuum of Care, Nevada County developed and new draft of the Homeless Plan to meet state requirements for the Homeless Housing,  Assistance, and  Prevention Program (HHAP) funding.  Called the Nevada County and CoC Joint Homeless Action Plan, this iteration of the Homeless Plan builds on the previous plan to identify lessons learned, gaps to be filled in the homeless response system,  and strategic goals to fill the gaps. 

Nevada County’s Plan to Address Homelessness

2022 Draft Nevada County and CoC Joint Homeless Action Plan

NOTICE: Public Meeting to Discuss County of Nevada and Nevada County Regional Continuum of Care Homeless Action Plan  

 Nevada County is requesting public comment on the Homeless Action Plan developed in collaboration with the Nevada County Continuum of Care (CoC). A public meeting will be provided on June 28, 2022 at the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors located at 950 Maidu Avenue, Nevada City. The public meeting provides the public the opportunity to make comments regarding the strategic goals to address homelessness as outlined in the plan. If you need special accommodations or are unable to attend and would like to provide written comment, contact Angela Masker at (530) 265-1740.

 The Homeless Action plan is a collaborative effort between Nevada County and the CoC and is a requirement for the Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention (HHAP) Plan funding administered through California Interagency Council on Homelessness. The plan outlines strategic activities that Nevada County and the Nevada County CoC will implement together to address the needs of homeless individuals in our community. This plan is a continuation of the Homeless Plan developed by Nevada County for 2018-2022. 

 Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention funding is provided jointly to the CoC and Nevada County to administer for homeless services. Combined County and CoC allocations for Round 3 total $1,200,000. Funding will be applied to eligible activities outlined in the Homeless Action Plan.   

 Statutorily eligible activities for HHAP funding:   

  • Rapid rehousing and incentives to landlords such as security deposits and holding fees.  
  • Operations of new and existing affordable or supportive housing units, emergency shelters, and navigation centers. 
  • Street outreach to assist persons experiencing homelessness to access permanent housing and services. 
  • Services and service coordination needed to promote housing stability in supportive housing.  
  • Systems support to create regional partnerships and maintain homeless services and housing delivery systems. 
  • Delivery of permanent housing and innovative housing solutions, such as motel and hotel conversions.  
  • Interim sheltering. 
  • Improvements to existing emergency shelters to lower barriers and increase privacy.  

 For more information, visit the Nevada County Housing and Community Services website at: https://www.nevadacountyca.gov/539/Housing-Community-Servicesthe Nevada County Better Together Website at https://www.nevadacountyca.gov/2413/Better-Togetheror call (530) 265-1740.