Tobacco Use Prevention Coalitions

Our program offers both a youth coalition and an adult coalition: 

Y.O.U.T.H Coalition: (Youth Opposing the Use of Tobacco forHealth)

The Nevada County Tobacco Use Prevention Youth Coalition iscomprised of young leaders that advocate for creating smoke-free environmentsby reducing second-hand smoke and liter in cities, parks, campuses and otheroutdoor venues.  Members are passionate about reducing availability of tobacco products and sales to minors. This work is done by working with local government agencies to pass policies or ordinances that will benefit the health of all children, adults and even pets living in Nevada County.

As a trained tobacco prevention advocate, youth learn how to conduct public opinion polls, interview key stake holders, conduct storewide data surveys, create press releases and public service announcements, as well as  meeting with and presenting to city, county and state government officials.
Members have many great opportunities to receive leadership trainings at the local level with community partners along with attending neighboring county and state leadership conferences.

The Youth coalition strives to be inclusive of a diverse representation of our multi-ethnic, social and rural members of our adolescent community. 

Adult Tobacco-Use Prevention Coalition

If you are worried about your children or grandchildren starting to smoke, tired of smelling smoke from an apartment neighbor's home or wishing you could walk in public spaces without having to breathe in cigarette smoke, this group is for you. Join a diverse group of tobacco-free advocates from various backgrounds and professions who are working collaboratively to change attitudes and behaviors about tobacco products and use.

Coalition goals include:

  • Reducing youth access to tobacco products
  • Prohibit smoking outdoors in areas such as walkways, streets and shopping centers
  • Strengthen existing tobacco poilicies to include e-cigarettes and vaping products
  • Increase the level of knowledge of our community about the adverse impacts of tobacco product use

New members are always welcome in both coalitions. To get involved please call: 530-265-1451 or email

“Working Together we can make the Next Generation Tobacco-Free”