Community Events

What is a community event?

A community event is a special event where food will be sold or given away to the public from temporary food facility booths. Examples of community events include the county fair, farmers markets, holiday and bridal fairs, street fairs, chili cook-offs, and other similar nonprofit and for-profit events that are open to the public.

Community Event Guidelines

1. The Community Event Coordinator shall fill out the Community Event Permit Application and the Agreement to Pay Form. FA and PR numbers must be provided by the vendors. All food and beverage products must be identified in the food list. 

2. The completed Community Event Permit Application packet and fee must be submitted to the Environmental Health Department a minimum of two weeks, 10 business days, prior to the event to avoid late penalty fees. 

3. Community Event applications submitted less than 10 business days prior to the event shall be subject to a late penalty fee of double the standard fee. 

4. No additional vendors can be added 2 working days or less prior to any event. Event Coordinators must pay the vendor fee if appropriate and receive written approval from EH for the new vendors to operate at the event. 

5. Community Event applications submitted 2 working days or less prior to the event WILL NOT BE Accepted.

Farmers Market Booth a person is buying fruit from the vendor, beautiful produce on the table.

Want to host a community event? 

  • If you would like to host a Community Event, please fill out a Community Event Application.  

For more information on if you need a Community Event please review the Community Event Flowchart, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or email us at

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