Sewage Disposal

What is Sewage Disposal?

Septic systems are used for underground wastewater disposal for structures that do not have access to public sewer. They treat wastewater from plumbing produced by bathrooms, kitchen drains, and laundry. 

Image of a concrete septic tank with 2 risers awaiting backfill.

Need to install New Septic?

If you are looking to install a new septic system, you must first complete an On-Site Soils Evaluation (OSSE). Once this is complete you may then apply for a septic permit. NOTE: Septic permits cannot be applied for online as Owner/Builder.

Please review the pages below for more information. 

Septic Fees

OSSE Application
Includes Application Fee, Review, and Approval

Standard Septic System Permit - Gravity Flow$661.37
Non-Standard Septic System Permit
Pumped, Deep Trench, Curtain Drain, Engineered, Hi-Line, Capped
Non-Standard Septic System Permit with M&M
Pressure Dosed, Sand Filter, Geoflow, Drip, Mound, Advantax, Hoot, ELGEN
Maintenance and Monitoring Annual Permit$109.19
Septic System Modification$661.37
Septic Tank Replacement Only$443.00
Septic Repair Permit$443.00
Septic Abandonment$333.82