Food Facilities

California Retail Food Code (CRFC)Modern looking restaurant or food facility with white subway tile on back wall, high seats & tables.

Our department serves in the best interest of the public by assuring that all food and drinks are safe for people to consume. The food program uses the California Retail Food Code (CRFC)and other state laws to enforce food safety and construction requirements in all retail food facilities.

Update to California Retail Food Code (CRFC) 2019

When is a Plan Check Submittal to the Environmental Health Department Required under CRFC? 

These occurrences require a plan check submittal:

  • Food facilities that are built from the ground up
  • Facilities that are constructed from existing building spaces
  • Tenant improvements  
  • Existing food facilities that remodel, change equipment or change their menu.

Please see the tabs below on how to submit a Plan Check.

  1. New Food Facilities
  2. Change of Ownership
  3. Remodel
  4. Application Process

Any building that is being built from the ground up or has not previously been used as a Food Facility must undergo a Major Food Plan Check which consists of plan reviews and inspections to be done by an Environmental Health Specialist.

The Nevada County Building Department conducts construction inspections alongside Environmental Health throughout the building process. The final approval for a facility to open for operation is only granted once all work is complete.  If the location is within city limits, please contact the local City's Building Department to assist with construction of the facility.

Temporary Food Facility Fees

New Business Advisory$436.74
Minor Plan Check$655.11*
Major Plan Check$1746.96*
Annual Permit Fee - 0 Seats$545.93
Annual Permit Fee 1-15 Seats$655.11
Annual Permit Fee 16-49 Seats$764.30
Annual Permit Fee 50-149 Seats$873.48
Annual Permit Fee 150+ Seats$1,091.85
Annual Permit Fee 1-15 Seats
(Within existing market) 

*Plan check fees are based on a 3-hour and 8-hour time frame for Minor and Major Plan Checks, respectively. Any time spent beyond that will be charged at a rate of $218.37/hour.