Auditor - Controller

The Auditor-Controller administers the county's major financial, payroll, capital assets, and property tax apportionment systems. The office prescribes and exercises general supervision over the accounting forms and the method of keeping the accounts of all offices and institutions under the control of the Board of Supervisors and for those entities who maintain their funds in the County Treasury, including special districts and school districts. The office performs periodic internal audits of the County departments and other entities.

Within this site you will find a brief description of the duties of each division in the office as well as various reports and publications that may be of interest to the public, grantors and financial institutions. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact us.

The Auditor-Controller is the chief accounting officer of the County, responsible for budget control, disbursements, receipts and the accounting and reporting functions of the county's budget.