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  1. Nevada, Placer, and Yuba Counties Receive CSAC Award for Innovative Disaster Livestock Program

    This year, Nevada, Placer, and Yuba counties partnered to create a Disaster Livestock Access Program to support the safe evacuation of livestock from commercial ranch operations during a disaster such as a wildfire. Learn More
  2. Free Tree Recycling at the Rood Center and more!

    Starting December 26, 2022, Waste Management will be offering several ways to dispose of Christmas trees including FREE recycling at the Rood Center. Please remember, trees must be free of any decorations, including lights and flocking. Learn More
  3. Nevada County Connects Celebrates 12 Days of Free Transit Fares

    Celebrate the 12 days of Holiday Cheer as Nevada County Connects offers free fares on all routes from December 17th until the end of the year! It’s our gift to you for the holidays. Learn More
  4. Proposed Idaho Maryland Mine Final EIR Available for Public Review

    Proposed Idaho Maryland Mine Final EIR Available for Public Review Learn More
  5. Nevada County Prepares for 2022 California Building Standards Code Update

    The 2022 California Building Standards Code Update will be effective January 1, 2023. To prepare the community’s contractors for the update, the Building Department and the Nevada County Contractor’s Association are teaming up. Learn More
  6. Nevada County Embarks on First-Ever Recreation and Resiliency Master Plan

    Nevada County is embarking on the development of a countywide Recreation and Resiliency Master Plan. The plan is a first for Nevada County, it's a first for California to integrate solutions for adapting to extreme weather and planning for recreation. Learn More
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