Information for Commercial Property Owners

Many times, commercial property involves real estate and tenant improvements, plus business-related personal property and fixtures.

Assessor's Information for Businesses

Business property, not just real estate, must be assessed for taxation. 

Businesses are required to file an Assessor's Business Property Statement 571-L annually, when requested by the Assessor; and businesses with equipment cost above $100,000 are required to file a 571-L whether or not the Assessor sends a notice to file letter.

The equipment and fixtures as of January 1st (lien date) each year, are reported by year acquired and cost at time of acquisition. Leased equipment also needs to be reported and is assessable. The statements are due April 1st and are delinquent if not filed by May 7.

Once filed with the Assessor's Office, the statements are processed and market values are established.

If you have specific questions on preparing the Business Property Statement 571-L, please give our Business Property Division a call at 530-265-1259 or email us for assistance.

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