New Sewer Connections

Sewer Connection Permits are required for connecting to a sewer system within Nevada County Sanitation District 1. Connection fees and sewer capacity availability vary by zone. Sewer capacity required will vary depending upon the property's use and is determined by District staff. A sewer permit application and site plan (11 inches by 17 inches or smaller) showing the sewer connection need to be submitted for review and approval before a sewer permit is issued.

For information about connecting to a District sewer system and to obtain the necessary forms and specifications, contact the Department of Public Works at 530-265-1411 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Connection Fees

The following connection fees apply for new connections per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU). Connection fees are described in the Sanitation Code, Chapter 2.

All sites will incur a $345.21 inspection fee (3 inspections minimum) in addition to fees listed below.  

  •  Lake of the Pines including DarkHorse and Cascade Crossings (Zone 2): 
    • The LOP connection fee is not collected if the property already has a standby EDU assigned: Permit fees $0

    • Cascade Crossing subdivisions: Permit fees $0
    • Darkhorse subdivision: Permit fees $0, New EDU purchase $14,750

  • Lake Wildwood (Zone1): Permit fees $0
  • Penn Valley (Zone 6): $250 (sewer permit fee)
  • Valley Oak Court (Zone 12): Permit fees $0
  • North San Juan (Zone 4): Permit fees $0
  • Higgins Village (Zone 11): Permit fees $0
  • Eden Ranch (Zone 9): Permit fees $0
  • Gold Creek (Zone 5): Permit fees $0
  • Cascade Shores (Zone 8): Permit fees $250 and $1,000 for standby parcels, $3,000 for new connections
    • Sewer Connection Inspections: $115.07 per inspection
    • District staff will determine the number of inspections needed.
    • 530-265-1555 - Call 48 hours in advance to schedule a sewer inspection.

On-Site Septic Systems

For on-site septic systems, call the Department of Environmental Health at 530-265-1222 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.