Broadband in Nevada County

The Challenge

Providing high-speed internet or “broadband” services in sparsely populated rural areas with our rugged Nevada County terrain is much more expensive than in more urban areas. Therefore, some residents go without access. For those who do have broadband service, providers sometimes perform minimal network maintenance and upgrades, leaving customers with slower speeds and older technologies. Our goals are:

  • Achieve universal coverage to all homes and businesses
  • Keep pace with the ever-increasing standard for broadband speeds
  • Bridge the economic barrier to affordable broadband service

County Initiatives

Learn More

  • See our FAQ page for tips on how you can help advocate for improved broadband service in Nevada County.
  1. Digital Equity

    Digital Equity Event on May 12 in Event in Grass Valley - We Need You At the Table

    Please join Sierra Business Council at an upcoming workshop designed to collect important community feedback on broadband access and digital equity in the Sierra Nevada on May 12 from 10 am to 2:30 pm. Learn More
  2. Broadband RFQ

    Nevada County Issues Request for Qualifications for Last Mile Broadband Grant Support

    Internet service providers (ISPs) are invited to respond to a newly released Request for Qualifications for Last-Mile Broadband Grant and Support Opportunity. All ISPs vetted through the RFQ will receive free consultation on their project proposals... Learn More
  3. CPUC Voice Service Complaint

    Landline, Cellular, and VoIP Customers: Help Improve Existing California Telephone Service Standards

    Have you experienced repeated or extended service outages? Poor response to customer service requests? Other non-billing challenges? Tell your story to the California Public Utility Commission so they can assess whether existing standards... Learn More
  4. Affordable Connectivity Program

    Helping Low Income Households get Online

    Internet service has become a critical tool in our daily lives and yet, many households struggle to afford it. The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) can help. Learn More
  5. Resources for those losing DSL
  6. ARES logo

    Local Volunteer ARES Group Offers Assistance in Setting up Neighborhood Emergency Communication

    The Nevada County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) group is offering neighborhoods another way to communicate during fires, winter storms, and power shutoff events. Keep reading to find out how to get started. Learn More