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To Request Administrative Appeal

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Hardship Waiver

Unless there has been a timely request for an administrative appeal, all fines, penalties, and Administrative Costs are due within 21 calendar days of service of an administrative citation. Under Government Code section 25132, subdivision (f), if the County levies a second-level or third-level fine pursuant to Nevada County Code section 5.23, subd.(K)(1) or (2), the County must establish a process for granting a hardship waiver to reduce the amount of the fine upon a showing by a responsible party that:

(1) the responsible party has made a bona fide effort to comply after the first violation, and

(2) payment of the full amount of the fine would impose an undue financial burden on the
 responsible party.

The request shall be made on a financial declaration form that is approved by the Community Development Agency Director (see below link to said form). The Community Development Agency Director or their designee shall make a final determination whether to waive 50% of the fine. Once a final determination has been made, payment of the determined amount shall be paid within 21 calendar days of the hardship waiver’s determination mailing date. An application for a hardship waiver does not preclude enforcement of continuing violations, including abatement orders and imposition of fines, penalties, and administrative costs.

For a copy of the Hardship Waiver, please follow this link.