Crop Reports

This program involves gathering information, compiling parcel records, and publishing an annual crop report. The report puts a dollar amount on the value of agricultural production in Nevada County and highlights some of our department’s accomplishments. Approximately 200 copies of our current Annual Crop and Livestock Report are disseminated to the media, legislators, businesses, and the public. These statistics provide the basis for crop value calculations used during disaster relief efforts. 

As mandated under California Food and Agriculture Code 2279, the Nevada County Department of Agriculture is in the process of collecting data for our 2021 Crop Report. The information you provide is viewed by one person in our department, and all information collected remains confidential, is protected under state privacy laws (California Government Code 6254) and is not subject to public records requests. Data is used to calculate countywide averages and other statistical information about agriculture in Nevada County, focusing on acreage, yield, production and gross value.

2022 Crop Report Survey   pdf version

2022 Cannabis Supplemental Survey   pdf version

Link to all past crop reports

The crop report is very important to our county and we thank you for taking the time to help us develop the most accurate and complete report possible. Information from the report is used to gauge the economic health and diversity of our agricultural community. Your participation allows for a more accurate and robust report.

The information you provide is confidential, and is protected under California Government Code § 6254 which states, “…nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require disclosure of records that are any of the following: (e) Geological and geophysical data, plant production data, and similar information relating to utility systems development, or market or crop reports, that are obtained in confidence from any person.”