Child Welfare Services

Mission Statement

The mission of Child Welfare Services (CWS) is to consistently, compassionately, and creatively prevent child abuse and neglect and to protect children by empowering families to achieve their highest potential. We will collaborate with community partners, families, and each other to inspire and facilitate social change. We are committed to personal and professional growth and innovative practice.

Service Description

Nevada County CWS is dedicated to protecting children from abuse and neglect. CWS works with families to ensure the safety of their children and to help them reach their full potential. If children cannot be safely cared for in their homes, CWS strives to place them with families that can make a lifelong commitment to them. CWS collaborates with the community toward safe, healthy, happy children and strong families.

CWS basic functions include investigating reports of abuse and neglect of children; providing services to children and families to support children staying safely in their own homes; if necessary, placing children in relative care or foster care best suited to their needs; providing services to help youth in foster care make the transition to adulthood; and placing children in adoptive homes.

Nevada County CWS is dedicated to working with our community partners to provide and support prevention and early intervention services in our neighborhoods and in our schools.


The Nevada County CWS hotline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be reached at 530-273-4291 or toll-free 888-456-9380.

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Reporting Suspected Child Abuse & Neglect

Any concerned person can report known or suspected child abuse or neglect.

Adult holding two children creating a tree base with leaves on top words Resource Family Approval

Becoming a Resource Family

Find more information on local foster parent opportunities.

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Child Welfare: a Parents Guide

Child Welfare Services is a 24 hour service for children in Nevada County who are newborn to age 18 and possible victims of child abuse, neglect or exploitation. Read more in our Parents Guide (PDF).

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Services Provided by Child Welfare Services

Our emphasis is on crisis intervention and avoiding further intervention, such as Juvenile Court action. Access more information on our services.

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Who is a Mandated Reporter & What Does That Mean?

The Child Abuse and Reporting Act includes a list of mandated reporters and requirements. Access more information on Mandated Reporting.