File a Pesticide Related Complaint

530-470-2690. Whenever pesticide problems occur, they should be reported to our office so we can look into the complaint. Don’t delay reporting. Prompt reporting is the best way to make sure investigators can find the facts of the case and collect useful evidence.

Helpful Information

It is very helpful if you write down what happened and provide that information to our office when you talk with an inspector. Information you should include is:

  • When and where the incident happened
  • Who was involved (if you know)
  • What you saw
  • What you smelled, if anything
  • Names and symptoms of anyone who was sick

Completing an investigation may take days, weeks, or months, depending on the complexity of the investigation. You can request our office to send you written information on the outcome of the investigation.

Pesticide Illness

If you or anyone else is seriously ill, call 911 for help. In less serious cases, call your doctor or the Poison Control Center, 800-222-1222. At no charge, the Poison Control Center will give you first-aid information and advise you on what to do next.

Be sure to tell emergency responders, Poison Control, or your doctor that you may have been exposed to a pesticide. Have as much information as possible about what happened and, if you know, the pesticide involved.

Pesticide Worker Safety Complaint

To report possible pesticide worker safety violations, call our office at 530-470-2690. You can file your complaint anonymously, but it helps our investigation if you provide your contact information. If you don’t want your employer or anyone to know you filed a complaint, let our office know and we will not reveal your name to anyone.

Additional Pesticide Related Complaint Information

Additional information may also be found at DPR’s Community Guide to Recognizing and Reporting Pesticide Problems, including information en Espanol.